BERGER is a full member of VMV (the Metal Packaging Association). As a result, BERGER always has the latest information at its finger tips about innovations and market trends within the industry, as well as the current competitive situation and the latest legal requirements.

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BERGER is a member of Pfalzmetall, Verband der Pfälzischen Metall- und Elektroindustrie e.V. The association comprises of 100 companies. As an association subject to collective agreements, Pfalzmetall negotiates metalworking salary and wage agreements with IG Metall.


In addition, BERGER is a supplier member of SEFA – the European Association of Steel Drum Manufacturers. The association views itself as a promotional platform for manufacturers and suppliers of steel drums with respect to politics, organisations and industry. SEFA is involved with, amongst other things, technological development and determining norms and standards of steel drums.