Clamping rings

BERGER develops tests and manufactures clamping rings for plastic, metal, stainless steel and fibre barrels in close cooperation with its customers. Since 1950, the supplier of the packaging industry has been manufacturing 4,000 different clamping rings. The great advantage of clamping rings lies in their ease-of-use: They can be opened with just one hand. Clamping rings differ in size, material and profile, as well as whether they come with or without an overlap, and through their various fasteners.

Production is performed under strictest tolerances using special machines. These include the fully automated 2-mm production line for heavy-duty clamping rings and other fully automated systems for smaller clamping ring diameters.

Clamping rings in different sizes and materials

Clamping rings can be opened easily by hand

Properties and range of products

BERGER manufactures clamping rings with a diameter of 80 to 2000 mm (standard diameters are between 100 to 800 mm). In addition, special customer requirements can be realized by arrangement.

In general, clamping rings that do not correspond to the above-mentioned specifications can be produced upon request; because customer satisfaction is BERGER’s highest priority.